H2S Portable Analyzer- XLE 105-1 PAL R

Designed from customer feedback, it is small, lightweight and easy to use. Housed in a rugged carrying case, its purpose is to allow operators to spot check the levels of HSS in their pipelines.

The unit has a 10-hour battery life and a self-powered 4-20mA output and data logging capabilities, allowing it to be left on location for short periods. As always TAC is willing to customize it to fit your needs.


PPM and % Levels
Customer to specify a range and can be field programmable to alarm at any desired set point.

Detection Method

Electro-chemical (Estimated life: 1 Year)

Communications Output

4-20 mA (Self Powered)


(See Customization Tab for other options)

Sample Input Pressure

Inlet 10+/-2 PSIG

Response Time

< 60 Seconds

Instrument Accuracy

+/-5% of the Full Scale

Instrument Repeatability

+/- 2%

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

-40°F to 122°F

Battery Life

10 hours (estimated)

Recharge Time

4 hours


7 pounds


14.2″ x 12.19″ x 6.62″


Rugged carrying case general purpose


LED indicator for low battery

LED indicator for calibration mode


Customer specifies desired range in PPM or %

  • 0-5 PPM
  • 0-10 PPM
  • 0-20 PPM
  • 0-50 PPM
  • 0-100 PPM
  • 0-500 PPM


Communications Output
  • 4-20 Self Powered (Standard)
  • 4-20 Loop Powered
  • 1-5 VDC
  • Modbus via RTU (Standard)
  • Modbus via TCP/IP
H2S PAL w/ ISS Download
Application Worksheet Download