Advanced Membrane Separator and Condenser

Southland Sensing’s Advanced Membrane Separator and Condenser (CND-225) are designed specifically for the natural gas industry and is able to be mounted directly to a pipeline.

The CND-225 is designed to filter all oils, water, and glycol out of pipeline gas by rapidly cooling it so they condense out of suspension. The Advanced Membrane Separator (AMS- 100) provides further protection for the sensor with a gas-permeable membrane that filters any liquids and protects the analyzer from liquid slugs.

The AMS-100 can be included with a pressure regulator, as well as a liquid drain valve for gas streams with more water vapor present.


AMS-100: Membrane Separator

AMS-100R: Includes Pressure Regulator

AMS-100RL: Includes Pressure Regulator and Liquid Drain valve

Replacement Parts

AMS-PK1: Membrane Replacement Kit includes O-ring and hydrophobic membrane

AMS-PK2: Full Rebuild Kit includes O-ring, hydrophobic membrane, and perforated metal diaphragm

AMS-100 Specifications


Body Material

304 Stainless Steel

Max Pressure (AMS-100)


Max Pressure (AMS-100R / AMS-100RL)

1500 PSIG

Gas Connections (Inlet)

1/2″ Female NPT

Gas Connections (Outlet)

1/4″ Female NPT

Flow Rate

0.5-5.0 SCFH

CND-225 Specifications


Body Material

304 Stainless Steel

Gas Connections (Inlet)

1/2″ Male NPT

Gas Connections (Outlet)

1/4″ Male NPT

AMS-100 and CND-225 Instruction Manual Download