A Personal Message From Our General Manager

Texas Analytical Controls, Inc. was established in 1975 by my father, Ed Bullard, for the purpose of offering a unique H2S on-line analyzer and gas detection equipment. In the beginning, the primary method used to detect H2S was through lead acetate tapes. His dedication and expertise allowed him to develop a unique sensor to monitor and quantify the levels of H2S in natural gas.

In 1993, I joined the family business and concentrated all my efforts on developing a thorough understanding of all aspects of our operations, whether administrative, commercial or technical.  Thanks to this On-the-Job training, I now feel confident when presenting our products and discussing the capabilities of our instruments with our customers, as well as assuming the management of our daily activities.

Today, I continue to strive to provide the same dedication as my father did.

Texas Analytical Controls, Inc. has always had three main objectives:

  • To provide instruments of the highest quality
  • To continue to improve our systems and add features and capabilities
  • To protect the workers, the environment and costly equipment

While Texas Analytical Controls, Inc. remains a small, family owned company, we are proud of our growth over the last forty years. We appreciate the advantages of having attracted and kept a workforce of the highest qualifications and realize that our accomplishments are the result of tremendous individual efforts by our personnel, as well as of the feedback from our satisfied customers.

We value very highly our relationships with each customer. Please be assured that I am personally committed to continuing my leadership role in maintaining our concept of excellence in the delivery of instrumentation for the oil and gas industry.



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Jill Bullard Coleman
General Manager