LEL Single Channel Monitor – Model 1327

Model 1327 LEL Monitor can have single to multi-channel capabilities. The combustible gas sensor is desgined to continously detect various combustible gases in the 0-100% LEL range by catalytic diffusion.

Two Alarm Relays

Low Alarm Activates Strobe

High Alarm Activates Buzzer

12-24v DC or 117/220v AC Operation

4-20mA Output

Single Channel Operation to Four Channel Capabilities

Fast Response Time

Waterproof Fiberglass Enclosure – NEMA4X

One Man Calibration

Detection Method

Catalytic Diffusion (Estimated life: 3 Years)


± 3% Full Scale

Response Time

0-50% LEL in 10 Seconds with 100% LEL applied
0-90% LEL in 30 Seconds with 100% LEL applied

Humidity Range

± 5%

Operating Temperature

-30°F, to 122°F
-34.44°C to 150°C

Operating Pressure

Normal Atmosphere


0 to 100% LEL

Communications Output
  • 4-20 Self Powered (Standard)
  • 4-20 Loop Powered
  • 1-5 VDC
  • Modbus via RTU (Standard)
  • Modbus via TCP/IP
Low Alarms
  • Latching
  • Non-Latching
High Alarms
  • Latching
  • Non-Latching
Shut-In Valve

Pneumatic solenoid valve or relays to control an external shut-in valve

Alarm Relays

Two Independent SPDT Relays for Low and High Alarm

  • 0.5A @ 125v AC
  • 2.0A @ 30v DC

C/NO/NC dry contacts
Alarms are Field Adjustable
Low Alarm Activates Red Strobe
High Alarm Activates Buzzer
All Relays are set Fail Safe